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Our Pledge to Protect Your Privacy

  • Too many people today assume positions of trust without realizing the importance of total discretion. Trust and discretion do not disappear after the invoice is paid. It is imperative that the feduciary relationship that can develop between attorneys (or that one time litigant representing themselves) and the bearers of their instruments is maintained at all times, even in the event of termination of the relationship.

  • We realize that, often times, the demeanor of the process server can affect the successful likelihood of the individuals being served from ultimately responding to the summons. And since the attorney depends on the respondent's cooperation to achieve his/her objectives, we will endeavor to work closely with both parties to increase the chances of compliance.

  • As certified process servers by the 5th Judicial Court, we also respect their decision to entrust us to act as an agent of the court. We take this responsibility very seriously and willingly comply with all directives of the court administrators.

  • We do not make it a practice of reading the details of any given lawsuit. Nor do we discuss the details outside of the work environment. Although most information in these proceedings is readily obtainable on the internet, we still believe that the privacy of all parties involved should be respected.

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