Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tavares, Lake County, Florida?
Tavares is the county seat located approximately 30 miles Northwest of Orlando.
What is the address and telephone number for the courts?
Lake County Judicial Center
550 West Main St.
Tavares, FL 32778
What is Lake County like, physically?
Lake County is one of the fastest growing counties in the country and certainly in Florida.  New subdivisions are going up everywhere, transforming a citrus based county into a bedroom community for those who are willing to commute to Orlando everyday.  With urban sprawl comes increased crime both victimless and victim crimes.  Consequently, the courts are swelling to capacity as is the county jail.  More and more lawsuits are being filed in connection with increase of commercial activities as well as normal criminal activity.  As marriages are stressed out due to finances, homes are being foreclosed and marriages are suffering irreparable harm.  All of these factors are pointing to an increase in demand for competent and capable process servers.
Q. What kind of turn around should I expect?
A. That depends on how accessible the defendant is.  Routine priority means it will be attempted within 5 business days.  Rush means ASAP.  If you provide us with an email address by logging onto our site, we will keep you updated as to the status.  We can also send you a pdf file immediately with the affadavit of service.
Q.  Do you serve Volusia County?
A.  Yes, if the service is for a court outside of the area.  The local court of Volusia County uses exclusively Deputies unless an attorney requests the appointment of an independent process server.
Q.  How do you find the individuals to be served?
A.  We use all available resources, including valuable information that you provide us.  Internet searches of police, court, tax and other databases often assist us in finding hard to locate individuals.  We also rely on aerial photos to give us an idea of the area before we actually attempt service.  Of course, GPS is used in our vehicles which saves us time and reduces turn around time.

Q.  If we need service before 5 days would that be considered a rush and a rush fee apply?  What is your normal fees for regular service and how do you define regular service?

A. Our Rush is either next day for a flat $25 fee or 3 day Rush for $15. Those are premiums in addition to whatever the normal service fee is. Rush Fees do not guarantee a successful serve, rather they guarantee that attempts will be made in those respective periods.
Normally, "Regular" delivery attempts will be made within 5 business days of receipt of documents.  In many cases, delivery will be attempted within a day or two.  But if you really need immediate attention, then you should consider the serve a Rush. 
Q.  What do I need to send to you?

A. Please include a cover letter with explicit instructions and details about the respondent. Also, include the copy to be served. We do not require the original documents. If you are in New York, please provide a second copy for mailing in case of sub-service. Include payment in the form of a check made out to Lake Servers. Lastly, please do not include postage paid return envelopes. They rarely are of sufficient size and postage to accommodate the return of service and invoice.

*Note: Documents delivered to us overnight without Rush Fee included will not automatically classify the job as RUSH for us.
**Note: Our fees vary according to location. We wish we could have one flat fee for all of Lake County. But if we did it, fees would be so high that it would discourage business in lower priced areas of high density. Obviously, with the price of gas today, distance is also a factor in computing the just fee for service.

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